Beth Riesgraf and Christian Kane share their favorite moments of working with Noah Wyle in Leverage: Redemption as new episodes started streaming on IMDB TV.

“It was a blast,” Riesgraf told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “I mean I think getting to come back into a cast and crew where you feel like it’s stepping back into a family that you’ve had for years, that’s exactly how it felt for us. It was like picking up the pieces where we left off honestly the minute we got into the same room together the chemistry started flowing and I immediately felt like I was back in that safe, playful environment, and I knew that it was just gonna be an awesome ride.”

“We never really let these characters go,” Kane said. “We didn’t know our first go around that it was gonna be over. We always thought we had some way when we were going forward.” The actor explained that he had kept in touch with Leverage executive producer, director and writer Dean Devlin, working on shows together like The Librarians.

“We always had a little glimmer of hope that it was gonna come back in some way shape or form,” he added, “and Dean would always put little bites out there … and the fans never really let go either.”

“The very first day of filming, we were all back in, and Dean Devlin did something very brilliant. He put us all — a very, a big scene— he put us all in the first shot up. So it was, you know, trial by fire. We all had to go in, be in character, and get it done. And it took us what? All of a minute and a half, and everyone was just comfortable again.”

The actors gushed over working with their costar Noah Wyle (ERFalling Skies). “The thing that impressed me the most was his ability to do comedy and drama and effortlessly click into the improvising and the pacing of our show,” Riesgraf said, “because it catches some, even the most seasoned actors, off guard sometimes the pacing and how fast we move on this show. And Noah doesn’t skip a beat.”

“I worked with Noah for four years on the librarians,” Kane said, “so we’ve been in the trenches a lot. And the funny thing about that was, was that, you know, that was Noah’s show. He was the librarian. I came on as an apprentice to him. He was my boss. He tells me to go kill that monster, I’ll go kill the monster. It was — he was the top dude and I was the bottom guy, and then we came to this show and the whole dynamic changed. Now he’s, you know, a broken lawyer and I’ve been on the leverage circuit for a long time. So how is that dynamic gonna play?”

Their favorite scenes?

“I’ve just thought of like six of them, but I’ll give you one because it was brilliant and Beth directed it. I’m at a bar and … I’m getting to read across the table from LeVar Burton, I mean you know it’s a piece of American history for us and he became a friend so fast it was ridiculous.”

“Anytime I get to do action as Parker I really love it,” Riesgraf said, adding that the “hurricane episode we get to do some physical stuff that I really enjoyed.”

Directing wise, she added that “all the development that went into the train car moments between Sophie and all the intercutting of the coms was a lot of fun for me to play with and watch.”

Leverage: Redemption is available to stream now on IMDB TV.

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