Ben Rosenfield and Hayley Law discussed their instant chemistry in Mark, Mary & Some Other People in their new uInterview.

The movie follows Mark and Mary, played by Rosenfield and Law, throughout their relationship and their decision to try ethical non-monogamy.

“[Mark] is sort of, a little bit more traditional and a little more sensitive maybe than Mary, who is this wonderful woman he meets at the beginning of the movie,” Rosenfield told uInterview founder Erik Meers, “and they quickly fall in love and get married and Mary starts thinking about the possibility of doing their marriage differently than everybody else is, in that sense that maybe they don’t have to be monogamous.”

“I think it just comes as a total shock to him,” the actor continued, “and it’s a journey of coming to understand things about himself and about relationships and there’s a lot of growth in it I think for both of them, and a lot of conflict of course, but I think conflict can breed growth.”

“I think that Mary initially, she’s adventurous,” Law said, “and I think that she thinks that she needs change. She’s getting stale in this marriage and is kind of influenced by her sister and friend Sofia [Bryant] and Odessa [A’zion], love them, and, you know, thinks switching it up with an open relationship is what’s gonna do the trick. And as it goes on, realizes she’s a little bit more traditional than she thought she was.”

What scene did the actors resonate with the most?

“Well when I sucked Ben’s finger — no I’m just kidding,” Law joked. “For me, I loved the scene when they’re talking in the restaurant about the roles for the first time. I love how open they are. I think it’s so important to have conversations where you’re not holding back, and that scene for me was important because I feel like it was the first time — that Ben’s character had been putting off talking about the open relationship — but they finally sat down and kept it super real with each other and I loved that scene.”

“Yeah, I did too,” Rosenfield agreed. “That was the first one that really resonated with me. And it has this kind of thing where they’re going into unknown territory in the conversation so it’s scary, and it’s funny, and things can get messy, they can get upset with each other in a flash. It’s all very bubbling at the surface and I related to that for sure.”

“I really liked the scene towards the end of the movie,” he continued, “where they’re laying in bed with each other and they’ve been through a lot, and Mark makes some comment about her toenails being long and scratching him, and there’s something about that where you can feel all the history and it just sort of brings them back to that moment.”

Scenes like those throughout the movie can’t work without chemistry, and the actors say they got along well despite not knowing each other previously.

“We all just got along really well,” Law said, “and [Director and Writer] Hannah [Marks] gave us a stage to play and do what we felt like was true to the characters, and I think that worked very well for both us.”

“I just felt like it was a very committed, fun, nonjudgmental space, Rosenfield said, “and we were all wanting people to love these characters and realized ‘Well, if we’re not feeling the love between each other to some capacity, you know, it’s probably not going to work as well as it could.’ And also I just think it’s a testament to Hannah’s writing because she was able to write these characters that just riff off each other so well, and that I think really adds to the chemistry that you’re seeing up there as well.”

Mark, Mary & Some Other People is available to stream now. Check out the trailer below:

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