Ben Barnes responded to more fan questions from uInterview users about his EP Songs For You in his new uInterview.

Fan Stephanie asked Barnes what his most surprising moment was while working on the album. “When I went to the studio, and it was obviously very difficult during COVID and everything, but I went all sort of masked up one time to the studio where Oliver Kraus was recording the strings for me,” Barnes said, “and he’d arranged them and he played me the strings for ‘Ordinary Day’ for the first time and I found it very difficult to breathe. And I was just like, I looked at him and was like ‘Is this my song?’ I couldn’t quite believe what was being contributed back. Like I had wrote this song, I recorded it, I sent it off and yeah that was pretty amazing.”


Nathalie (@Nathaliendutra on Instagram) asked Barnes to describe his album with one sense.

“Always touch,” he replied.

Chandler (@musicalladybug_ on Instagram) asked what Barnes’ favorite Disney movies are.

He answered: “My favorite Disney movies are, include but are not limited to because they are subject to change, but Robin Hood, the fox version obviously; Hercules, I love the gospel music in Hercules; and oh I love The Sword in the Stone, and I love Aladdin and I love The Lion King.”

Katie (@katielou.x on Instagram) asked for advice for aspiring singers and actors.

“I would say make music that you love,” Barnes replied, “don’t make it for someone else.”

Embry (@ohso_ramdomlyme on Instagram) asked Barnes who has been the most memorable person to work with.

“Well in acting it’s impossible because I’ve worked with so many of my heroes, from Colin Firth to Jeff Bridges to [Robert] DeNiro to Robin Williams,” Barnes started. “I mean Robin Williams is probably the most memorable just because he was always just my favorite actor and he’s so wonderful, and so vivacious, and just profound and all the things. And I was probably the most excited to meet him, but I’ve been so lucky to work with some of the people I’ve worked with.

“And then musically, I was obviously very lucky to have my producers John [Alagia] and Jesse [Siebenberg] who helped me make this,” he said, “but Charles Jones who’s an amazing piano player and singer, incredible go check him out.”

@bababa201010 on Instagram asked Barnes about his plans for performing his music virtually.

“I’ve recorded some live acoustic versions of the songs which we’ll be playing on various morning shows,” he said, “and then I’ll put them up on YouTube and everything so people can get the versions of the songs that are just me and my piano live, how I originally wrote them so I did want those to be out there so I filmed some of those.”

Melissa (@lightonmyheartmelianne on Instagram) asked how the singer feels about giving people hope during a time that feels so hopeless.

“Certainly a purveyor of hope, a peddler of hope as much as I can be in my life,” Barnes replied, “so yeah it feels wonderful that people are seeing that in what I’m trying to put out into the world and what I’m trying to make.”

Check back soon for part three of Ben’s uInterview. Songs For You is available for sale or streaming now!

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