Self Reliance follows the story of Tommy (Jake Johnson) who enters a contest to win a million dollars if he can evade bounty hunters. He learns a loophole where the hunters can only kill him if he is alone so he tries to get his friends and family to never leave his side. 

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Anna Kendrick revealed her favorite moments of working with Johnson.

“Gosh, I don’t know,” she laughed. “You know what’s funny, there were so many scenes that were really wild and like nothing I’d ever filmed before, but I think like honestly getting to do an emotional scene with Jake [Johnson] is such a treat, like you know the scene in Drinking Buddies where being really raw and vulnerable with each other was like such an amazing day and I’ll remember that day forever, and in this it’s kind of a similar thing where like he’s such a talented actor and he kind of you know is known for being like a comic actor but I really just love watching him be real and honest and vulnerable and he’s just so talented.”

Kendrick also discussed how she would do in a death game like one in the movie.

“I would do very badly in a game like that,” she said. “I get very easily distracted so if I was being hunted by snipers, I would be a very easy target.”

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