In the film A Little Prayer, viewers follow Bill (David Strathairn) as he balances wanting to protect his daughter-in-law (Jane Levy) from his son’s (Will Pullen) suspected unfaithfulness. As writer and director Angus Maclachlan said, “It’s a story of a family and secrets in the family and fidelity and choices.”

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Maclachlan revealed what the casting process was like.

“Oh, it’s incredibly important,” he said. “I’m an actor myself so I really love actors and really respect them and really honor what they do and the people that I ended up getting were like a dream cast. I mean they were just a dream cast, both in their performances but also in their esprit de corps because it’s never easy. I mean we had, you know, David Strathairn who is a big huge movie star and he is the greatest, he’s everything you imagine him to be a complete mensch, always involved, always has an idea, always talking to people – fantastic person.”

Maclachlan also talked about his most memorable moment on set.

“I think it was the last day when we took our last covid test because I thought, ‘oh thank god I got through it, all of us,” he laughed. “Because we had no wiggle room, if someone really got Covid or had I gotten Covid, it would have been destroyed, so that last test that last day was like, yeah, at least we got through this.”

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