Angela Sarafyan revealed the scariest parts of the new Blumhouse movie A House on the Bayou in her new uInterview.

Sarafyan, a start of the HBO cult series Westworld, plays Jessica, a wife and mother, who, after finding out that her husband was cheating on her, proposes that the family take a vacation together to help their relationship.

“While they’re away a lot of things happen that were unexpected,” the actress told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “And we start to really to see what’s actually going on. So, I think this film is an exploration of what Jessica says she wants, but maybe what she really wants, subconsciously.”

“The betrayal is the, I guess, the byproduct of a problem within the relationship,” Sarafyan said, “so I think that when you see how John and Jessica interact in the beginning of the film, you obviously see she might not be so likable with the way that she talks to him, the way that she forces things upon him, the threats that she makes, the bullying. And I think that as we’re going through the film, you realize that these two people aren’t on the same page, they don’t want the same things, they don’t have the same values. And so, things go awry.”

“But I think in the horror genre it’s just more kind of magical,” she added, “like there is — everything is much more exaggerated. So you get to look at the darkness and you can make it into something else.”

According to the actress, the scariest part of the film is its exploration of the destructive relationship between John and Jessica.

“The most frightening thing is when you don’t know who you’re looking at,” she said. “When you think that you know a person, but then you’re looking at them, as they’re revealing who they are, you’re going, ‘Wow this whole time I thought you were one thing, but in truth you’re something else.’ And if that person’s your spouse it’s even more frightening.”

Sarafyan said that she wanted to “test how far” Jessica could go in the movie: “If you’re around the wrong kind of person all the time, sometimes they can bring out the worst in you. So, I was just curious about what that worst looks like for Jessica.”

A House on the Bayou is available to stream now. Check out the trailer below:

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