Aidan Bristow revealed the story behind his new psychological thriller, The Believer, in a new uInterview.

“I play Lucas who’s married to Violet, played by Sophie Kargman, and when you meet this couple at the very beginning you see them trying to see if they can salvage their marriage,” Bristow told uInterview’s Erik Meers exclusively. “There’s an incident that gets revealed in the first few minutes, which is while Lucas was away on a work trip, Violet who was pregnant aborts her child without letting Lucas know. And this creates some obvious tension and a rift within the relationship, and you just see two people fighting hard to see if it’s worth salvaging the relationship and if it’s possible.”

The tone of the movie begins to shift as Violet starts acting stranger and Lucas’ physical and mental health begins to deteriorate.

“As you’re going from scene to scene like what’s happening for my character psychologically, it’s constantly shifting back and forth with whether he can believe what he’s seeing, if he can’t believe,” Bristow said. “And so through rehearsal and through my shorthand, I could go page by page with Sophie and [Director] Shan [Serafin] and just kind of like detailing exactly what he’s confused about in each moment, what he’s questioning as the character and so all that stuff really helped the performance.”

“We had the advantage of a lot of rehearsal time,” he added. “Shan’s a dear friend of mine. I had worked with him, he cast me in his very first feature film that he directed about 10, 11 years ago, and so I had a bit of a short hand with him from that experience, and then he ended up directing me in four plays after that film. And then Sophie is a friend from acting class.”

The actor revealed that they rehearsed every week for four months, adding that Billy Zane, who plays Lucas’ therapist “was extremely generous,” and volunteered rehearsal time even though “that wasn’t contractional at all.”

“[Zane] was really invested in understanding who his character was, how his character fit into the rest of the piece,” Bristow recalled.

He also gushed about his other costars, saying that although there are many “cool” action scenes in the movie his favorite were the ones where he got to work with them.

“The actors we have are so great, like Sophie’s infinitely talented, and so just getting to play with her on a lot of those one on one scenes were great. And then, you know, my scenes with Lindsey [Ginter] and Susan [Wilder], you know, both of those guys are just such pros,” he said.

The Believer is streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies and on demand.

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