Mary Fitzgerald revealed the timeline of her relationship with Jason Oppenheim in this exclusive uInterview.

“I didn’t start working for him right away, I worked in the South Bay,” Fitzgerald told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “And my son went to school in Palos Verdes and then in Hermosa Beach, so we lived down there, and that’s where I started doing real estate then for Shorewood Relators.”

“And then I met Jason through Amanza about 15 years ago,” she said, “and so yeah she introduced me to him and we remained friends for this whole time, and then in about 2015 I came back to L.A.. I was living in New York and came back to L.A. and we got reconnected and started dating and I moved back out here.”

“He was an attorney for a very long time … he quit and got into real estate, he just decided he wanted to make a switch,” she explained. “And so he worked for Coldwell Banker for a while, under a really good agent, she taught him basically everything, and she’s an icon out here. So, he learned very well from the right person, and I think it molded his business and the way he does things, for the best.”

“So now he’s uber successful,” she said smiling.

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