Sense8 stars Tina Desai and Max Riemelt sat down with uInterview to discuss how the cast gets along, and how they handle sex scenes.


Riemelt took on the question first of how he and his castmates have developed their connections to one another. “Well, quite naturally,” he began. “We spend a lot of time together and through the circumstance that you travel a lot, that you have to go through extreme situations… Because for everybody there are different issues and different problems. Me for example, I have a daughter back home and for me it’s really hard to be gone for so long.”

His words make a lot of sense, as many film crews consider themselves family after spending so much time together. He then talked about the difficulty of filming with people he’s become so close with, especially when it comes to sex scenes. “And then also when it comes to scenes like where you have to be nude or extremely sexual, it’s also an issue for many of us,” he explained. “We go through this together and the more we experience together the more we are bonding and getting to know each other, and it’s really transcending through the whole show.”

Desai jumped in to elaborate on how much of a family the cast and crew have become. “Especially in the second season, we were together for eight months. That’s a significant chunk of time to spend together,” she said. “We’re all away from home, its an international cast and crew, were all culturally very different, and we’re all dealing with high-stress situations together, so you just end up becoming family… You’re always in each other’s face, you’re eating together, you’re working all the time, we ended up partying a lot together,” she said, the last part inciting a chuckle out of Riemelt.

“I must say that I went through a lot of trouble in this season… and I’m extremely grateful for the way the cast came forward to support and help me and be understanding and counsel me through all of it,” Desai said in conclusion. “It’s a good bunch of people put together.”


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