She's the former Bond girl who recently starred in Barney's Version. Rosamund Pike takes your questions here.

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Q: Hi Rosamund, this is Justine from Providence, Rhode Island. 'Barney's Version' is very character-driven. Why do you think Hollywood doesn't make many movies like this anymore? - Uinterview User

I mean this movie, in the 1970s, would have been a studio movie. I mean, had this movie been made when Dustin Hoffman was doing his films, 'The Graduate' and 'Kramer vs. Kramer' all that, he probably would have played Barney Panofsky and it would have been made by a big studio, right? And now he's playing the father, and Paul's playing the lead and it's a smaller, independent movie. You know, that's the way things are going. But until you get adults to go back into the theaters -- at the moment, 80 percent of movie tickets on a Saturday night are bought by 18-25-year-olds, so as long as they're the core audience, people are always going to make films for them. So you've got to sort of go back to basics, and if you get adults into movie theaters -- but it's Catch 22, it's chicken and the egg, right? They're going to go if there's films they want to see, but there aren't going to be films they want to see unless they go.

Q: Thank you. And how were you and Paul Giamatti able to develop the rapport you needed for the film? - Uinterview User

God, right. I don't think we needed to do anything, actually. I mean, I've been obsessed with Paul for years. I think he's just wonderful, and you know, very flatteringly he knew my work too, which is sort of very surprising when you've admired someone for so long and they say, "I know who you are, I know what you're doing and I like what you do." And I just had a hunch that we'd sort of click and I think we're quite similar, we're actually we both think in quite off-the-wall ways about things, about life in general -- we both have sort of strange, slightly off-the-wall interests, we're kind of good companions really. And I think it was very easy to find a physical intimacy together, which is not so much about, you know, sort of touching one another -- it's about being able to actually look someone in the eye and sort of say, "I know you, I understand you," and it just felt very simple right from the word "go." I mean, you can't explain it, you just don't question it, hope it continues while you shoot the film.

Q: Hi Rosamund, this is Maggie from New Jersey. The cast of 'Barney's Version' is so amazing. Did you have a moment that was most memorable for you while filming? - maggiemcbride

Oh I don't know, I mean I think you -- what I really loved about the film was that Richard Lewis, at some point our director just sat back and let things play out in two-shot, you know? And he decided that before we even started shooting, so the scene where Barney confesses to me his misdemeanor, which I won't give away on camera -- Richard said, "I want to shoot this in a two-shot. I'm not gonna cut, that will be the only coverage I do." You know, so I found that very very liberating, because you know, working with a great actor, Paul, and it's happening for real, live, right in front of camera. You know, there's no trickery, our performances are there, happening, and I'm very proud of that and it's something that I definitely take away from this film.

Q: Thanks. You're obviously well-known as a Bond girl. Have you found it more difficult to get substantive roles like this after that? - maggiemcbride

To me, Miranda Frost is another character -- I mean she is a character like Helen in 'An Education' is a character. Nowadays, I mean very few people come up to me and say, you know unless they're Bond aficionados, you know, recognize me from the Bond film. Mostly now, it's 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'An Education,' so I would say just by sort of my day-to-day experience on the street, that more people know me from those films than know me from the Bond film. I mean all I can say is that it probably was a great launch pad, but it was eight years ago or something like that. Paul Giamatti is a Bond fan, you know, for that I have a lot to thank because if he hadn't seen 'Die Another Day,' he wouldn't have started following my career and I would never have ended up in 'Barney's Version,' so the thing is, you never know where anything's going to lead.