He’s one of the stars of the blood-sucking epic, Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Peter Facinelli answers Uinterview.com users’ questions here!

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Q: WHY YOU SO SEXY?! - ahoyimtaylor
Q: Let's pretend Bella would not have wanted a vampire existence for herself. Would Carlisle have changed Bella against her will if Edward whom he sees as his son had said he won't live without her? How would he have solved that conflict? - krueba
Q: Who is your favorite amongst your Cullen children? - byeongari
Q: Are you still going to hang out with the twilight cast now that the series is finally coming to an end? - byeongari
Q: How difficult is it to shoot scenes that occur later in a film without really knowing the other characters and events that led up to that scene? Do you ever wish you could go back and reshoot those? - TwihardRN

I don’t know about shooting it in a different way. I wish sometimes there was less rain, cause it rained a lot. It got kind of depressing. It's weird because when you're shooting it has to rain really hard for it to read on film. So take for example the baseball sequence, it was the first week of filming 'Twilight' and it rained for the whole first week, and uh, you never see it on film, like it never looks like it's raining, but it was actually raining pretty hard, and really, muddy and wet. And then it rained again when we were doing the wedding sequence. Here's this beautiful wedding, and it's cold, and you have tarps up, and the women are standing with their heels in mud, and you're like 'You know, you've been dreaming about this perfect wedding for the longest time and it's pouring rain outside. But thankfully, movie magic you never see that. And then in some instances, like when Bella walks down the aisle, as an actor all that rain kind of faded away because she was so beautiful and you get sucked into the scene.

Q: What would you say was your favourite thing about playing Carlisle? - Charmed2100
Q: Please tell us the receipe for your cherry choc chip cookies, I loved them but lost the recipe! - TwihardRN
Q: Hi Peter, this is more of a request than a Q. My daughter Kristen (just like KStew!) is turning 14 next month. Would it be possible to get a personal birthday wish from you and/or Taylor Lautner? (I can't help she's Team Jacob)I cannot find any agent info on him and you're the most accessible of all the Twilight cast! This is one birthday I want to make unforgettable for her. Twilight has made us very close. Thanks PFach, you're my favorite doc! - CarolMcCarleySnuffer
Q: Are you ever coming to Virginia for an appearance? - MichelleJamison
Q: Are you an innie or and outie? - CarolineH14
Q: Hey Peter! I know that you did a lot of shooting in Vancouver for the twilight movies, and I was wondering, what's your favorite part of Vancouver? And are you going to come back soon? - CressiiCole
Q: Hey Peter! I was wondering if you could follow me on twitter maybe? - CressiiCole
Q: My Birthday's coming up, and it would mean the world if I met you. :o Please come back to Vancouver! - CressiiCole
Q: During your role as Carlisle on the Twilight Saga do you ever continue your Character role at home or in your daily life? - Axclusively
Q: After working with your 'Twilight' cast mates since 2008, the series is finally coming to an end this year. How does it feel coming to a close after working with them for so long? And can we expect to see you with any of them again in the future either on screen or off? - Matthew Zingg

Yea, if they take my calls. No, every once in a while I'll text them and I'll say, 'Hey how's life going. It's pop.' To see them rise to fame like that and how they've dealt with it and to see them not change as individuals and take it in stride, I've been very proud of them.