Nat Wolff sat down with uInterview to give an exclusive interview about acting in the new animated film Leap!


Wolff took us through his first experience working on an animated movie. “I’d talked to other actors who had done it before and I think really there’s just a level of giving in and saying, ‘I’m willing to go completely over the top, and be wild and free and have fun,’ and in a certain way, it ended up being one of the most free experiences I’ve had acting ’cause there’s just no limitations,” Wolff shared. “You can kinda go in any direction.”

When asked what his favorite moment filming with the cast was, Wolff really didn’t have an answer. “I know Elle [Fanning] and Maddie [Ziegler] outside of the movie, but honestly, I ended up doing my part alone, so I’m on a poster with a bunch of people I’ve never met before,” Wolff laughed. He then talked about the magic that funnyman Mel Brooks brought to the screen. “But I’m big fans of them, and when I got to see the movie with Mel Brooks’ voice… I call him Mel, but I’ve literally never met him before… but when I got to see his voice in the movie, there were so many things that were definitely added by him, little jokes and those things kinda make the movie sing.”

So instead of some fun cast moments, we asked Wolff about his favorite scene in the movie that involves his own character. “[It’s] probably when Elle’s character comes to visit Victor where he’s working with this famous inventor, and he sort of walks around the room trying to be suave and manages to break and explode everything in the room. That was probably the most fun to do too,” he explained before listing off some funny ‘ouch’ and ‘eek’ noises he got to do as Victor.

The film follows Victor as he helps Félicie (played by Fanning) to become a world-renowned dancer. “He’s trying to help her realize her dream of being a dancer, so he helps her escape,” Wolff explains. “But also he, in a side plot, is becoming an inventor and working under an esteemed inventor. Mostly what he does is make problems in the room, like things start exploding or he starts ruining well-made plans, so he’s kind of a dummy, but then he ends up redeeming himself and I think he might end up being the inventor of our time.”

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