Michelle Monaghan, best known for her roles in Eagle Eye and Gone Baby Gone, stars in the thriller Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal. Monaghan admits that playing the same eight-minute sequence repeatedly throughout the film presented some challenges. “It was initially kind of daunting,” Monaghan told Uinterview in an exclusive video interview. “The prospect of playing the same eight minutes and trying to actually keep it interesting and nuanced was a challenge.” She did, however, prepare for the challenge of acting the same sequence over and over again. “It took a significant amount of preparation,” she admitted, “on figuring out how to tonally change the eight minutes, to differentiate them from each other, and using body language and voice, a lot of different kind of tools.”

Monaghan also bonded with hunky co-star Gyllenhaal. “Jake’s a really funny guy,” she revealed. “It was sort of a side I had never really witnessed on film. He provided a lot of comic relief. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He does pretty great impersonations and he does different voices. He made me giggle quite a bit.”

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  • Victoria
    Victoria on

    She seems so serious about her acting. I hope the movie is good, then =)

  • Sydney Ramsden
    Sydney Ramsden on

    I just saw this movie, it was actually really good!

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