He’s the hot British actor from Clash of the Titans who stars in Stephen Frears‘ new movie, Tamara Drewe. Luke Evans takes your questions here.https://youtu.be/2vF20hTgcqY

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Q: Hi Luke, this is Julia from Norwalk, Connecticut. The movie has such an impressive cast. Do you have a memory on the set that best sums up your experience on the film? - Julia Alkon

Working with the cast, who were wonderful and brilliant, and that was obviously a very nice thing to come on set everyday. Just enjoying what you're doing, you know? There were so many experiences it's difficult to pinpoint one.

Q: Thanks. My follow-up question is what was the most difficult scene for you to shoot -- did you already know how to kill chickens? - Julia Alkon

Killing geese! I knew that I had to pluck a goose and I'd never done it before, so I went on YouTube the night before and watched this man plucking a goose the right way. So I came on set and blew them all away with my goose-plucking skills. I'm from the countryside originally. My family still lives there, so I do understand the ways of the farm. My best friend was a farmer's boy, sheep farmer, so I'm not unfine around farm animals, what I did learn to do was build a hazel fence, which was this fence here. There's no nails, there's no glue, just hazel wood. And the fence I built beginning of the film, I did build it. I went down a couple of weeks before and learned how to build a hazel fence, so that was a quite nice experience, I know now how to make hazel fences so now if ever you need hazel fences, I'm there.

Q: Hi Luke, this is Andy from New York. You were in 'Clash of the Titans' with Gemma Alterton before Tamara Drewe.' Had you two already developed a rapport? - AndyBankin

We definitely knew each other on set, but we didn't choose anything together. Her story is separate to mine so we didn't do any scenes together. But I knew the second I met her she was gonna be a friend, she was a very warm person so I was very excited. We both got the job while we were in 'Clash of the Titans' and I remember she was all dressed up and I was on gold armor and we were looking at each other like, "So I'm gonna be a handyman and you're gonna be a vixen [laughs]." It's very funny, so detached from where we were.

Q: Thanks. My follow-up question is what projects do you have coming up? - AndyBankin

I'm halfway through shooting with 'Three Musketeers' right now. I'm playing Aramis, hence the facial hair, and just finished shooting 'Immortals,' which is coming out next year as well, with Tarsem Singh directing and it's shot in Montreal. So yeah, it's been quite a busy year. I get to play a God! I've gone up in the world -- I've gone from a handyman to the king of the Gods to musketeer.