Screen legend John Malkovich stars with Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks’ son!, as a mentalist in The Great Buck Howard. Here, the two actors take questions exclusively for users of

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    OMG! Colin looks just like his dad!

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Q: Hi, John and Colin! This is Amy from West Virginia. John, was there a moment during the filming of The Great Buck Howard that summed up your experience of working with Colin? - Uinterview User

John: Well, I think probably my favorite was when we were shooting in a veteran's hospital in L.A. There were a lot of Buck Howard posters and there was a Little Buck Howard poster who had hung himself on a tree at the veteran's hospital.
Colin: We had a game. Someone had made a miniature Buck, who we called Little Buck, and we passed it around and-
John: He took a trip Cabo!
Colin: Someone kidnapped Little Buck at one point. The day [John's] talking about is the day that Little Buck had hung himself. The little things we do to amuse ourselves while we film. [laughs]

Q: Colin, what was the most memorable moment for you working with John? - Amy, West Virginia - Uinterview User

Colin: The first day that we were shooting was when we were shooting the scene where Troy first meets Buck and both Ricky Jay and myself were literally in tears throughout the course of the day. That was not only a great sign that it was gonna be a lot of fun, but it sort of was the watermark in which we were always constantly trying to get. We exceeded that watermark on a few occasions. John is an extremely funny individual both on camera and off so you sort of asking a Sophie's Choice type question. I don't know if there's one I can choose. There are many that I remember though. John: I don't know if I ever have played someone kind of at that end of show business. You see our production offices, the company I'm involved with, are at the farmer's market in L.A. and there you meet some of those people who come up to you when you're getting a coffee and say 'Young man, I used to work with Freddy Fields!' and stuff like that. It's a rare opportunity to actually get to play someone like that and really fun. And this was a fantastic group to be with.

Q: Colin, what was it like to work with your father, Tom Hanks, as a producer and an actor in the movie? - Natalie, New York City - Uinterview User

It was great. It was sort of shock. I wasn't necessarily planning on it. It sort of happened in a very organic way, which I was grateful for. It was a lot fun. You always want to work with good people and obviously I think my Dad's good people! It's fun doing just a scene with him and then it was fun doing a scene with and this guy here [point at John]. You want to work with people who make it easy. And he's definitely one of those kind of people.