Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light spoke exclusively with uInterview founder Erik Meers about the upcoming fourth season of Transparent.


Tambor’s character Maura travels to Israel and discovers a family secret. “She is lecturing, she tells her students, ‘I want you to watch my lecture,’ and while over there she finds out people who she thought were not alive, are alive. It changes everything, the family comes over, and it’s a fabulous season. I think it’s our best. There are things on the table that are being discussed and moves in this family that are amazing.”

In Light’s character Shelly’s plotline, she moves in with her son “and hilarity ensues,” she says. “You’re watching a human being who has closed herself off, shut herself down, not been able to find her voice, very awkwardly moving through the world for the first time without a man in her life to work to find herself and the continuation of that voice. Of course she does that very clumsily and not in the most advantageous way to herself nor to her son, but she’s finding her way, which has been kicked off by Maura’s moving in the direction that she has moved in. I think Shelly sees that and sees what it’s like to become one’s true self and she wants that.”

On the topic of Donald Trump‘s tweet that transgender people would no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military, Tambor clearly stated that he stood for the rights of trans people. “I think a few people are trying to get something done that shouldn’t be done, I’m totally opposed to it. I think the populous in general is keeping the status quo and not changing, I think that will ride itself,” he said. “On the other hand, it makes me drive a little faster to Paramount Studio to get our work done ’cause enough of this nonsense, these are people who are defending the country and need to be respected, and I just don’t agree, nor would Maura, Maura would be furious. So both Maura and I are furious.”

Light believes that people should turn their anger into something more productive. “I am very very upset in relation to it, but my upsetedness isn’t useful. The only way in which it’s useful is that, like Jeffrey said, we drive faster to Paramount. There are actions to be taken, we get to be in a show like this ad we get to talk to you and we get to say the things that we feel about it in relation to it… we have the ability to have some action in relation to this and speak to the concern that we have.”

Tambor adds that, “It’s really interesting that our show has such a comic slant to it, and I think laughter and satire exposes, you know, there’s ignorance before hatred, and we get to educate, and we also get to expose the haters through laughter, and enough of this. Enough of this. Enough.”

“And we’re talking about true courage, and true service, and true altruism, and it’s being tossed aside in a very cavalier way,” Light says.

Tambor noted how his nine-year-old daughter joined him on set a few years ago, and he was nervous about explaining why he was dressed as a woman and the concept of transgender to her in a way that she understood. “She said, ‘Daddy I understand, the character you play is more comfortable being a woman.’ That’s from the mouth of a nine-year-old, so everybody needs to get in step.

Season four of Transparent will premiere on Sept. 22 on Amazon.

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