Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 46, has been acting up a storm lately, with leading roles on Starz’s Magic City, in the remake of Red Dawn, and his latest film, The Possession. Also starring Kyra Sedgwick and Natasha Calis, The Possession, which opened No. 1 at the box office on Labor Day Weekend 2012, earned over $17 million.

Morgan didn’t start out with aspirations of becoming an actor. Born in Seattle, Wash., he played basketball throughout high school and college and worked as a graphic artist. He came out to Los Angeles with a friend in the early 1990s and found acting work on shows such as ER, The Practice and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. His big break came in 2005 when he appeared on three popular shows: Supernatural as patriarch John Winchester, Weeds as Judah Botwin, and perhaps most memorably, Grey’s Anatomy as heart patient and Izzie Stevens’ (Katherine Heigl) love interest, Denny Duquette.

From television, Morgan went to the big screen, appearing with Hilary Swank in 2007’s P.S. I Love You, starring as The Comedian in 2009’s Watchmen, and in 2010, co-starring with Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans in The Losers.

Having achieved success in front of the camera, Morgan would like to get behind the camera. “I want to direct. I think that’s where I’m going — in my head that’s where I’m going in my career. I’m not a control freak, but I want to have more control,” he told Uinterview exclusively. “I like to be able to find a project and hire some writers, but I really want to direct and want to get into an editing room. I think that’s coming up, I hope in the next couple of years.”

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Q: As a comic book freak i loved the Watchmen. It was the greatest comicbook adaptation in my honest opinion. Did you keep some of the Watchmen props that you used in the film? If so are you willing to give me an item? I would be eternally grateful. Cheers Louis Adams - LouisAdams
Q: Hi there Jeffrey, What was it that drew you to The Possession? Was there a particular scene that was hard to film? Did you ever get scared yourself filming the movie? Thanks! - katerinabarons
Q: Hi Jeffrey, I'm a huge Supernatural fan and I was wondering, is there any way you could come back on the show, and would you like to? Much love, Anya xoxo - AnyaNeil
Q: Did you have any knowledge of the 'Dybbuk Box' urban legend prior to taking your role for the film? - JoelCieslak

NATASHA: I didn'€™t. JEFFREY: No, no, not at all, but with the script came some research that [director] Ole [Bornedal] and Lions Gate sent with the script, kind of describing where the property came from as far as what the script was based on, which was an L.A. Times article that went back into 2002 where this box was for sale on eBay. And the owner of the box chronicled in great detail the kind of terrifying things that happened to his family, and then we kind of did our own research, and you can go back. The Dybbuk Box -€” the Dybbuk legend -€” has been around for a couple of hundred years. But we were able to do that research. But going in, we went in blind.

Q: Are either of you superstitious? - JoelCieslak

NATASHA: Not really. Maybe a little bit. I'€™m not a skeptic - I mean, I'€™m not a true believer. I kind of have to see something real and crazy before I can fully believe. What about you? JEFFREY: I mean, yeah, I'€™d agree with that. With that being said, we had enough weird stuff
happen in the course of making this movie that you sort of have your skepticism tested a little bit. NATASHA: Yeah. Like light bulbs exploding at really odd times, and we’d be in a sound stage with windows closed, no doors opened and no air conditioning on, and then all of a sudden you'€™d just get hit in the middle of a scene with, just, some cold air -€” wind almost. And then five days after we were finished shooting, all of the props were in a warehouse. And the warehouse burned down to ashes. The Vancouver police got on it, and the fire started from within.

Q: Jeffrey, have you ever considered writing or directing your own film? - rhondawrites

JEFFREY: I want to direct. I think that's where I'€™m going -€” in my head, that's where I'm going in my career. I'€™m not a control freak, but I want to have more control. Does that make sense? I don'€™t know if I have the talent to be a writer yet. I would like to be able to find a project and hire some writers, but I really want to direct and want to get into an editing room. And I think that's coming up, I hope in the next couple of years.