Colin Firth, the Oscar-winning, English actor, stars alongside Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Hardy in the critically esteemed spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. In the film, Firth plays Bill Haydon, “Tailor,” a role Firth really enjoyed. “I do like Bill in a lot of ways,” Firth told uInterview in an exclusive video interview. “He’s vain. He’s someone who actually I think finds crisis enjoyable and he sees the humor in most situations. I find that appealing, you know. He’s also a terrible poser and I’m an actor, so.”

Firth also reveals in the interview that he wasn’t much influenced by the 1979 adaptation of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Instead, Firth relied on the book written by John Le Carré. “The book has all the information you need. I mean, I have so few lines in the film, and so little screen time, that I didn’t need much more than the book’s 350 pages to supplement it, really.”

Firth, coming off the incredible success of The King’s Speech, appears incapable of making a bad movie. There is much Oscar buzz surrounding Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Find out why as Colin Firth takes questions from fans in our exclusive interview.

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Q: I was wondering if you had seen the 1979 adaptation of 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' with Alec Guinness, and if you had, if it influenced your portrayal at all? - TamberleeBuxtonKing

Not very much. I suppose subliminally over the years you process that world and its vernacular and the protocols and how people behave, and that you absorb it, but I didn't really study it as a way to do this. One of the things that struck me is how physically different we all are from the cast, then, and Gary does not look like Alec Guinness, I don't think I look like Ian Richardson, and so forth. In some way that's liberating, because you can't possibly emulate them or feel pressurized to do so, but I think what you do absorb is a kind of gentlemanly-ness with which these affairs are conducted, you know. They could be talking about transportation planning, but they're actually talking about probably the security of the nation and possibly the western world, etc., and matters of life and death, and I think there's something quite fascinating about the kind of cool detachment with which that happens.

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Q: I love you both and I can't wait to see the movie (Aus is so behind). Will you work together again? A Mamma Mia sequel maybe? I've seen the pictures of Gary dressed as Elvis. You'd fit right in. - JessicaWelch
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Q: I was just wondering, I know that for a lot of actors, their greatest parts are when they put a little bit of themselves into the role that they're playing. And I was just wondering what part of you is in the character of Bill Haydon that you play in this movie, and do you think that's true that the best roles are when you actually immerse yourself a little bit in the part? - KimRobarts

You find something in the character, even if you don't like them, and I do like Bill in a lot of ways. He's vain. He's someone who actually I think finds crisis enjoyable and he sees humor in most situations. I find that appealing, you know. I like to choose that route myself, if possible, and I think he handles things with great authority and great aplomb, and I'm not saying that I'm capable of doing that, but I do find those things attractive. He's also a terrible poser and I'm an actor, so.

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Q: Questions for Colin Firth: Ciao! Come ci si sente per fare questo thriller? Come fu la costruzione del personaggio? Grazie. - CarmenChloee
Q: Questions for Colin Firth: Ciao! Come ci si sente per fare questo thriller? Come fu la costruzione del personaggio? Grazie. - CarmenChloee
Q: Hi, Colin! In the King's Speech, you mentioned how you tried to get a "royal "accent. What did you do to fit your accent with Bill's character? - HuiZhang
Q: Gary, how did you prepare for the role of George Smiley? Did you feel the need to create a character similar or different from the Smiley played by Sir Alec Guinness in the television series? What do you think you brought to the role? - Matthew Zingg
Q: What difficulties, if any, did you have trying to adapt John Le Carre's novel, and the BBC series, into a feature length film? - Matthew Zingg
Q: A question for Colin Firth: I am just reading "The Power and The Glory" from Graham Greene. Why do you like this book? I prefer "The heart of the Matter".Sorry has nothing to do with the film ;-) - TanjaBerger
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Q: Mr. Firth or whomever is reading this, To whom do I send my manuscript? Thank you! - farmgal61
Q: Otherwise, did you decide to take another approach, a different angle, with your portrayal, and if you did, what influenced you the most? - TamberleeBuxtonKing

The book. The book has all the information you need. I mean, I have so few lines in the film, and so little screen time, that I didn't need much more than the book's 350 pages to supplement it, really. You know, I think the stimuli that were provided by Tomas Alfredson in the form of how he glittered, and what the extraordinary set looked like, and what the costumes gave us, and what we innately gained, what we carried from the work that we primarily or secondarily [did] over the years, were basically all the material that we needed.