Armie Hammer plays both of the Winklevoss twins who claim they were cheated out of the Facebook billions by Mark Zuckerberg in the #1 movie The Social Network. Armie Hammer takes questions exclusively for users of

Q: David Fincher is known as an exacting director. Is there one memory you have of working with him that sums up your experience? And what is the most number of takes you needed to do for a scene?

A: Okay, yeah. Good question. There was one shot and I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie yet – but, you know when the Winklevoss twins lose the Henley Royal Regatta Race, and they’re sitting talking to Prince Albert and their dad comes – that whole long scene? Do you remember that scene? Initially, that scene was one big walk-and-talk, instead of broken up into bits. And we shot that scene 46 times. I think it was seven-page scene, walk-and-talk scene – we shot it 46 times before I heard Fincher go, “Cut! Print! Take that one; delete all the other ones. Do it again!” And we did it again. Well, as soon as I heard him say, delete all the other ones, I almost fell over. I was like, “There’s gotta be something in there you can use, I mean for crying out loud!” But you know what – serves me right for every doubting him because he’s the best.

Q: On a personal level, do you believe that the Winklevoss twins were wronged? Given the circumstances, would you have settled for the same amount or would you have taken it further?

A: I had to. During production, I certainly had to believe that they deserved vindication because this nerd stole something from them. But, you know, since I’ve finished and wrapped and sort of distanced myself from the project, objectively I can look at it and say, I don’t know. But then when I watch this movie and I see, you know, what these other actors have been able to do by bringing humanity to these characters and, like, an understanding of their motivations. Now I almost look at it and say, “Well, maybe no one was wrong.” I don’t know. It almost made it more confusing for me.

Q: Did you meet with the Winklevoss twins? Did you think Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook before you played both of them in the film? And are they on Facebook?

A: No, not before. But I did meet them afterwards, which was almost more of a treat. It was a little surreal meeting these guys I’ve been trying to pretend to be for the past eight months so to finally meet them was funny, because I felt like I had almost created these characters in my head, so to finally see them in flesh was really interesting. My wife is close friends with several people who were same year at Harvard so you know, that whole mutual friend thing on Facebook, so when I booked the part, she was like, “No way, these guys are right here on my Facebook!” So she added them and then they got in contact and after we finished shooting the movie, she set it up and we all met and had like drinks one night and just hung out. It was good times.

Q: How were you technically able to play two different twins at once?

A: It was myself and another actor named Josh Pence, and he and I were responsible for bringing these twins to life. So actually what we would do is, I would always start as Cameron Winklevoss and Josh would start as Tyler, and we would shoot it until Fincher was happy, and then he would basically say, “Okay switch,” and I would go, change clothes, sit where Josh was sitting. But I mean there were certain instances where that couldn’t happen. In those cases they would do the facial replacement technology.

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