2012 star Amanda Peet takes questions exclusively from users of uInterview.com about surviving the epic disaster movie, now out on DVD.


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    She’s gorgeous! And so down to earth! Love it!

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    Amanda makes me PEEP!

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Q: You had to spend a lot of time in the water for this movie. Was that challenging for you? Which of the special effects did you find most difficult? - Joe, Kansas - Uinterview User

It wasn't so bad. I wore a wetsuit and Roland is incredibly considerate so we never did consecutive days and he would try to keep the hours to a minimum so we all got pruny and cold but it wasn't so bad. I was really scared because there were often a lot of real elements. Like the floor was shaking and when we were in the plane it was banking left and banking right and it was really quite scary. I guess I'm a wimp but I was kinda scared.

Q: Q: Did you have a favorite moment working with John Cusack in the movie? - Joe, Kansas - Uinterview User

Well, of course, I like kind of the more still scenes, like when we're in the car and the Antonov and all of the stuff that was more of the character stuff that Roland put in was really fun for us.

Q: If the world was going to end, what would you take with you? - Marques - Uinterview User

[Laughs] Books, pictures, matches, a wetsuit, flashlight, canned food.

Q: What do you think about NASA coming out with a statement that the world is not- in fact-going to end in 2012, I kind of think it is? - Marques - Uinterview User

[laughs] I didn't hear about that but I'm going to stand with NASA on that one.