Sharon Needles, winner of season four of RuPual’s Drag Race, has some simple advice on how to pull off a great Halloween costume: Make it slutty! “The secret to a great Halloween costume, and I can’t stress this enough, is in my opinion is to extract sexuality out of your costume,” Needles told Uinterview in this exclusive Halloween U Rant. "There're enough of you ladies out there, who want to be slutty cat, slutty nun or slutty fire fighter. If you really want to catch a good guy, you should do something a little more interesting, with a little more fantasy. I’m a drag queen, so every day is Halloween to me. I get to dress up in costumes and express myself. Use this as a way to express yourself other than just to express your desire for —– and —- to make babies. If you're going to be something sexy, go with something that can’t be sexy — like a sexy hot dog, a sexy vacuum cleaner, a sexy coffee table! Use your imagination, girls!" There's some Halloween wisdom to live by!

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