They are the glam-rock girl band currently tearing up North American with their Hell on Heels tour. Von Iva's keyboardist Becky Kupersmith (left) talks here to Uinterview from the Disney Castle. No joke!

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Q: How would you describe your music? - Uinterview

Our music is loud and aggressive and fun. We are starting a new genre called Street Glam. It’s in-your-face glam. It’s fashionable party music.

Q: The band has a definite fashion point of view. How would you describe your fashion sense? - Uinterview

We definitely like to push the boundaries. It’s really fun to bring it with what you are wearing. It’s all like one kind of experience when you are on stage at the show.

Q: Do you have a favorite outfit? - Uinterview

I'm partial to the onesies. I have a little collection going. We’ve been doing a lot of feathers and fun stuff. The onesie is little and I’m little, so it works out.

Q: How did you get into keyboards? - Uinterview

Kelly used to be a keyboard player in her other band and got me into that whole thing. It kind of evolved over time into being the main instrument. We used to have a base player, but when she left the band, we were like, 'what should we do?' We wanted to keep everything really simple, so we stayed with just the three of us.

Q: How did the band form? - Uinterview

[Drummer] Kelly [Harris] and [singer] Jillian [Iva] were in a different band. They wanted to start a new band. I was was good friends with them, so we didn’t really know what we were doing at first. I played piano as a child, but I was really inspired by that analogue sound. We put out our first EP in 2005. One person left the band and then we put out a record with just three of us in 2007.

Q: You are on tour now. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on the road for you? - Uinterview

The craziest place has been Austin–the most drunken mess of them all. Some girl got on stage and took her shirt off, then security had her in a headlock.

Q: You have a song on the Yes Man movie soundtrack. How did that come about? Did you write it specially for the movie? - Uinterview

Our CD was featured at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. The music supervisor from Yes Man saw it there and thought it would be a good fit for the movie. We had the plot and the general theme of the movie but nothing else. I was really fun working with [co-star] Zooey [Deschanel, who sings on the track]. She’s got an amazing voice and is a really good musician. She's very down to Earth and not Hollywood at all.

Q: The band is named after Jillian Iva's grandmother who was a snake charmer. What does that say about you? - Uinterview

She was really adventurous and traveling all around. That's us!

Q: What are your plans for the future? - Uinterview

In the middle of the tour, we are taking a two week break to finish the record that we started. We have six songs so far so we are going to write another four or five songs. It will come out sometime in 2009. We are hoping to do a 10-day UK run. We don’t have a label, so we are funding everything ourselves.