He's was the Governor of Illinois who was accused of trying to sell Obama's Senate seat and then was removed from office. Now, he's been fired again – this time by Rod Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice. Rod Blagojevich takes questions here.

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Q: Now that Donald Trump has taught you all about business what could you teach Donald Trump about politics that would help him? - Uinterview

Oh that's a real good question. There is something that I think I might be able to impart to him. And there's not a lot you can tell a guy like Donald Trump who's been so successful in the things that he does. He's a successful mega-real estate mogul who's known great success, has known adversity... Donald Trump is a guy who's got a big heart. It's underneath that tough exterior and, the brashness and the maverick and, the self-made man with the so much money that he could tell the world to go eff themselves, you know what I'm saying? Underneath all of that is a real good hearted person. I really believe Donald Trump is a good-hearted man who really has compassion for people on an individual basis. He's also a guy with a set of values. And I think his values are the sorts of things that would make for the kind of political leadership that we need in America. A strong leader who's got convictions and hopefully they're right but a strong leader who believes in his convictions and is prepared to fight for that and can take the heat pushing them forward. I think he's got those qualities. Where I think I might be able to help him politically is he might need more of the common touch. You know what I'm saying? He's been so big for so long that maybe he needs to work in that diner in that kitchen a little bit waiting on tables to get a sense of what the average, ordinary person has to face everyday. And for me having grown up and started out doing those kinds of jobs and then getting knocked down as I was after, you know, going all the way to Governor of Illinois and then getting knocked down as I have in that diner episode it reconnected me to some of the jobs I did when I was coming up.... I think he'd be a great leader. And maybe Trump ought to think about running for president because he's a strong guy with a world view on economics and the economy who has been able to not just do the - he can not just do the talk, this guys done the walk.

Q: I heard you said that you have credit card debt. How are you and your wife making a living other than through these reality shows? - Uinterview

Well, I have a radio show in Chicago. And Patti has now gotten herself another license, she's a licensed real estate appraiser, she has a series 7 license for investments, a series 66. Incidentally she taught herself these things and got high grades because she's very smart. She's now gotten herself some other insurance licenses. So she's kind of building a business, you know, in insurance and investments. And then there is a documentary that we're working on. I can say this, in addition to the potential reality show that we talked about there is a documentary that I'm involved in. And that's helping — that's another way to earn a living. So we've got a variety of different things going. And then I wrote my book and, you know, there's some income that comes in from the book.

Q: One of the key ways of getting a new job is doing an image makeover. Have you ever thought of changing your image and cutting your hair? - Uinterview

That's a real good question. People have suggested that. No. You know, you are what you are and you are who you are. And I think again what's so interesting about Celebrity Apprentice is, what you see on TV and what you see in these shows those are the real people. That's who we are for better or for worse. And, the longer you stay on that show the better you'll get a sense of who some of these celebrities are. The cameras are on you all the time. And in my particular case, you know, I don't care what the critics say I am who I am and I'm comfortable with who I am. And I'm not looking to change anything except to try to get better on text messaging and maybe one day do a blog and learn how to do Twitter.