He's the cocky Malibu broker who's got tongues wagging on Bravo's reality series Million Dollar Listing. Madison Hildebrand takes questions exclusively for users of Uinterview.com

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Q: Is it challenging constantly being covered by camera crews everywhere? - Uinterview

The biggest challenge is getting my clients comfortable with the cameras, filming the process of a very personal ordeal. I have gotten clients on board and old clients on board, and it’s just about finding something that worked. It does slow down my day, and it is a lot of extra time. It adds to the pressure, but it’s fun.

Q: Do some of your clients hate the idea of being on camera? - Uinterview

Some of my clients want nothing to do with it. I respect that 100%. Many of my deals are not on camera. For some of them, I sign confidentiality agreements when I start working with them.

Q: What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had with a client? - Uinterview

One the craziest showings I ever did, I was showing a property that was 9000-square feet. It’s a gorgeous property, and the owner was there when I showed the property, which is always a weird situation. The owner’s had her macaws, parrots, flying squirrels, dogs, cats everywhere. Everything was uncaged. Flying in the kitchen, crapping on the bed. Mushrooms were growing out of the sink because there was a water leak. It was frightening, but they thought there was nothing wrong with the way they were living. It was my most shocking showing. And the sex author who we have on the show this season – she’s a handful.

Q: What’s it is it like working with celebrity clients? - Uinterview

Celebrities are really more distant in the transaction. There are so many more layers. I will have an initial meeting with them, but then I have to send it to a business manager, an attorney, an assistant. It’s definitely more complex than a regular deal. They usually have very savvy representation, so I really have to be on top of my game.

Q: Did you know the other two brokers before doing the show? - Uinterview

I did know them prior to the show doing real estate. I had no idea I would be doing a show with them. I had a good relationship with Josh. We get along and he’s funny. I enjoy him. James – we were much more friendly last year and for some reason our relationship has somewhat deteriorated. I don’t know why. He’s very competitive, and I’m very competitive too. That’s probably the root of it.

Q: What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done to get a deal? - Uinterview

My assistant and I went for a shoot with that sex author from the show this season. There were several other couples and it was something she insisted on. There was a very sexy photo shoot, I was there all day long. It was something I did for the deal.

Q: Tell us about what the market is like now? - Uinterview

There are plenty of buyers who are being very aggressive and looking for a deal. The frozen period is over, and things have thawed out. The buyers are making offers as opposed to not making any offers at all. We are filming a ninth episode because the market did pick up a bit. They activity and mind space changed quite a bit. We covered the whole last year. It’s going to be really current because we are filming right now.