She's the stunning Brazilian wife of Matthew McConaughey, now the new mom's hosting Bravo's new reality series Shear Genius. Camila Alves and judge Kim Vo take questions here.

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Q: You had to do all these different haircuts for the show. Was that really difficult on your hair? - Uinterview

Well, I didn’t do different haircuts. I did a different hairstyles. So they found a way to give me looks where I do look like I had a haircut, but I actually did not. But definitely, yeah, it was a lot of my hair, for sure.

Q: What would you say makes a good haircut? And have you ever had a haircut that you would consider your worst haircut ever? - Uinterview

CAMILLA: I’ve definitely had my worst haircut ever and I gave it to myself. [laughs] KIM: For me, the worst haircut, I would have to say, I had a friend at home do it and you should never have tequila shots and do a haircut all at once. But in all fairness I think we’ve all had bad experiences and we have to learn from them. I thought I’d look cute when the movie Speed came out with Keanu Reeves and someone said cut your hair really short and shave it and I shaved it. I looked like a monkey and it took me months to grow it out, so I think we’ve all had to explore those looks.

Q: What was the most dramatic moment for you in the season? - Uinterview

CAMILLA: So many. I had so many things that we had so many dramatic moments on this season, but one that got me was toward the end of the competition when we only had a few people left over and it gets pretty dramatic because they were trying so hard, they were doing things and really going for it and there was even a point where we had to add a little twist on the judging because we were like, “What do we do now?” I can’t really tell you what that was, but I think that was the most dramatic for me. KIM: Seeing them do color was very dramatic in a lot of ways to see them go through the process. They ended up doing amazing work but the process was a little dramatic for me. [laughs]

Q: What's the most important hair secret you've learned? - Uinterview

CAMILLA: I think a good trade secret and an amazing hair trick is not to try to do what they think is the right thing to do, what they think is the cool thing of the new trend. Do what actually makes their client look good. KIM: And the perfect thing for their face features and their shape.

Q: When did the show film? - Uinterview

CAMILLA: I had just found out I was pregnant and I was actually sick during the whole time shooting and I couldn’t tell anybody. Everyone would ask, “Why is she drinking so much club soda on the set?" And the clothes start not to fit anymore. What’s going on here? Sometimes, I’d step out, but it was fine.

Q: Did Matthew give you any advice on what to do? - Uinterview

CAMILLA: He was very supportive on everything. We are very supportive of each other.