Mr. Peanut, revered peanut spokesman, has “died” after a 104-year lifespan. His death will be seen in a Super Bowl commercial featuring actors Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes. In the ad, Mr. Peanut is driving around with the two, then swerves to avoid an armadillo in the street. The car veers off the road and Walsh, Snipes and Mr. Peanut are left hanging on a branch at the end of a cliff. When he sees that the branch cannot hold everyone’s weight, Mr. Peanut lets go to save his friends. His Twitter account confirmed this at 11:00 a.m., on the January 22.

Not long after this made the news, #RIPMrPeanut became a trending hashtag on social media. As is the case with celebrity deaths, there was no shortage of conspiracy theories.