Hotties, a new hybrid reality show that features two blind dates, throws the couples into a food truck to chef up some date-night dishes while being intermittently fed spicy foods.

Host Jade Catta-Preta joined uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss why she likes tormenting couples on the reality series.

“I think everybody enjoys watching people eat spicy stuff!” Catta-Preta said. “It’s a phenomenon. Look at Hot Ones, look at any of those things Jimmy Kimmel does games on his show where people are eating spicy things. I think we like to see when people are out of control. We all put on this kind of mask, especially when we’re on TV or doing anything where people are watching us. Taking away that kind of control in people is so fascinating. It’s fascinating to see what happens when people are freaking out and they don’t know what to do. It’s relatable, too. We’ve all been there. We’ve all eaten spicy things that we didn’t mean to eat and paid for it later.”

As for if Catta-Preta is as sadistic in real life as she is on the show, she squashed that notion immediately.

“I’m more sadistic with my jokes than I am in actuality,” Catta Preta laughed. “I’m a softy! I’m going to be a horrible parent. My kids are going to be so spoiled. I can barely handle the heat, too, so I can’t really push them too hard since I can barely even handle Red Hot when it comes to spicy. I gave them some room.”

Tune into Hotties when it drops on Hulu on August 16.

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