Tory Lanez has denied shooting Megan Thee Stallion yet again, this time on his Instagram story, even after being charged on counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

“It’s falsified information; it’s false information, and it’s not accurate information,” he said on the live. “It’s crazy because the whole thing about it is when this whole debacle, or whatever you call it, came about, the whole time was like … she knows what happened, I know what happened and we know that what you’re saying and what the alleged things and the alleged accusations of my name is are not true.”

This most recent statement has followed multiple other social media posts and even song lyrics about how Lanez is innocent, and though Lanez doesn’t seem to want to directly accuse Megan of lying or trying to harm him, he has repeatedly hinted that she and her team are part of a larger conspiracy against him.

“The truth will come to light,” Lanez tweeted two weeks ago. “A charge is not a conviction.”

Megan has explained that she initially did not press charges against Lanez because she was trying to protect him, but has since repeatedly taken to social media to give her account of the story and try to convince Lanez fans that she was telling the truth, even going so far as post a video of her injured foot. Recently, though, her social media posts about Lanez have slowed down, showing that she’s tired of disputing him and is ready to refocus on her music.


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