Burglars broke into Alanis Morissette‘s Brentwood, California, mansion last Thursday.


Morissette is the latest victim in a series of celebrity burglaries. The previous burglary victim, Nicki Minaj, not only found her home burglarized, but also vandalized in late January. There is no connection between the two robberies, other than the high-profile nature of the victim and the time frame of the crimes.

Morissette lost $2 million worth of jewelry in the incident, but has yet to comment on the crime directly. Three days after the burglary took place, according to police, Morissette tweeted, “Sometimes, in sweet artistic forms, it is nice to know you are surrounded by so much goodness.”

No pattern has been identified in this string of celebrity burglaries. The victims range across all media and careers; Cesar Milan, Soulja Boy and Kevin Hart were all victims of similar high-stakes burglaries late last year.

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