Richard Branson, the Virgin Group founder, thinks he will be in space in less than six months with his space company, Virgin Galactic. “We hope to be flying in two to three months,” Branson told an audience at the Synergy Global conference at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. “I hope to go three months after that.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Branson has risked his life for one of his brands. In 1981, he set a world record for a hot-air ballon crossing the Pacific from Japan to the Arctic. In 1985, Branson attempted to make the fastest Atlantic crossing only to capsize in UK waters. The following year, with the aid of a sailing expert, he broke the record by two hours in the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II.

Branson’s latest projects including working on Virgin Hyperloop. “I think we are in the lead,” he said. “People will travel at 700 miles per hour.” He even joked that “Virgin Nappies” are next on his priority list – with diapers that offer see-through bottoms to eliminate diaper checks.


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