Last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey saw each of the ladies starting new chapters in their professional and personal lives, and this week continues that growth.

The episode opens with Joe Gorga working from home and “watching” the kids while Melissa is getting her boutique, Envy, ready for the grand opening. Joe makes several characteristically misogynistic comments about having to stay home while Melissa works on her business, which seemingly rub off on their son Gino, who tells Joe, “make me some food, woman.” Charming.

*Siggy and Jacqueline have lunch and discuss Teresa’s marriage*

Tre heads to a publishing meeting for her new book, Turning the Tables, and reveals some personal information about her time in prison. She tells her publishing team that going to prison actually bettered her life, as Joe appreciates her much more and she has become more centered.  My heart breaks as Teresa emotionally discusses being away from her daughters, especially Audriana, whom she feared would forget her while she was away because she was so young. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Later on, Teresa, Siggy, and Dolores along with their daughters go rock climbing together. Teresa wears a red fur and brings the daughter no one knows (Gabriella was it? Or maybe it was Gabriana? I don’t know, she should’ve just brought Milania).  Siggy, not wanting to have a “phony baloney” relationship with Teresa, addresses the rumors regarding her and Joe’s marriage. Teresa, surprisingly, reacts calmly, letting Siggy know that the rumors are false and that she appreciates her genuine concern and offering of advice.

*Skip to the grand opening of Envy*

All the ladies come out to celebrate Melissa’s grand opening of Envy, including (yet again) Kathy and Rosie. Teresa explains that because of what has transpired in the past between her and her cousins, she has become emotionally detached from them. After a runway show and a pseudo-compliment from Joe, Melissa’s boutique party ends and the ladies go their separate ways.

Since rumors of Teresa and Joe’s supposed divorce are circulating once again and have become the talk of the Jersey housewives, Tre addresses these rumors with Joe. Juicy Joe is quick to dismiss them and the two finish the conversation with some playful and suggestive yoga poses. After some “stretching”, Joe receives a call from Jacqueline’s husband Chris, who invites the two over for dinner (for the first time in five years). Joe and Chris, along with Teresa and Jacqueline, are hopeful that the ladies can rekindle their once strong friendship, but as we see in the preview for next week’s episode things do not go as well as they hoped.

Tune in Sunday night at 8pm EST for the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Says she would leave Joe if he cheated on her. I don’t believe it (sorry Tre, LYLAS).


  • Her daughter wants to be shoulder deep in a cow’s uterus.


  • Joe refers to himself as a cave man. Accurate.
  • Her kids are demonic under Joe’s supervision.
  • Business partner Jackie is still wearing tutus.


  • Is bleeding “like a severed cow” this episode.WHY.
  • Chris is starting a popcorn company, hoping to give back to the Autism community.
  • Daughter Ashley thinks “Teresa 2.0” is just an act because she’s fresh out of jail.


  • Her children are her everything.
  • “You came out of my body. I’m obsessed with you”. No Siggy, I’m obsessed with YOU.
  • Orders wine and french fries at a restaurant. My kind of girl.

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