Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of Princess Diana married Michael Lewis in a lavish private ceremony in Rome on Saturday that featured five different high-fashion custom gowns.

The 30-year-old British aristocrat wed the 62-year-old South African fashion mogul billionaire in an intimate ceremony in front of royal friends and family at the 17th-century Baroque home Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, Rome.

Spencer is the daughter of Earl Spencer, the younger brother of the late Princess Diana. Although her first cousins Prince William and Prince Harry were not seen at the ceremony, the bride’s famous friends including Idris Elba‘s wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, and Pixie Lott were all in attendance.

The bride, a global ambassador and model for Dolce and Gabbana, naturally wore custom-made gowns from the luxury Italian brand for all five of her changes, showcased her favorite look of the night a handmaid high-neck Victorian styled gown with intricate lacing detail in a series of Instagram photos.

Designer Domenico Dolce told Tatler that Spencer opted for a “fairly traditional” and “timeless” look. Stefano Gabanna added that although her love for Italy and its culture was behind her inspiration, “she is also a girl who is very attached to her origins, to England; to her heritage of the great Victorian era. And like all the English people, she has a great passion for all kinds of flowers.”

As for her four other dresses, Spencer chose various colorful flower-strewn couture gowns and accessories. Although Spencer emphasized the importance of “sticking to her roots” as far as her choice of gowns, she chose to forego the wearing of the traditional Spencer Tiara that was previously worn by her mother Victoria Lockwood and her Aunt Princess Diana.

The engagement of the newlyweds was first announced in January 2020, six months after the couple was first spotted together in the Hamptons. At the time the couple was first spotted, Spencer opened up about her desire to not rush into having a family anytime soon.

“I can see myself having children at some point… but I’m only in my twenties,” she told the DailyMail. “I do have friends my age who are having children, and they are so, so, sweet, but I think everyone should do things in their own time.”

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