Kate Middleton and Prince William made a memorable appearance at the Earthshot Awards on Sunday. Joined by celebrities from a variety of fields, the event focused on creating new ideas and inventions to help slow the process of climate change.

Each winner was awarded funds to help further their environmental projects and inspire other countries and cities to do the same.

The Protect and Restore Nature award was granted to Costa Rica for its efforts in planting trees and protecting their natural ecosystems. The Costa Rican policy offers financial compensation to those who help protect this Central American country’s forests and natural terrain, allowing for the slowing of climate change, and attempting to reverse the effects of negligence.

The Food Waste Hubs award went to Milan, one of the first major cities to redistribute food waste to citizens in need, and help those who are less fortunate while simultaneously decreasing the amount of food waste in the country.

Each winner will receive help from a company to develop their ideas and hopefully create a ripple effect, allowing others around the world to pick up these developments and bring their own ideas to the table.

Even Queen Elizabeth had something to say about the ongoing climate crisis – she was caught on a hot mic criticizing world leaders who “don’t do anything” about climate change issues despite their big talk.

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