Brad Kern, the former showrunner of NCIS: New Orleans has been fired by CBS Television Studios producers.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, a spokesperson for CBS Television Studios said: “We have ended Brad Kern’s role as consulting producer on NCIS: New Orleans and his overall deal with the studio.” Kern was officially terminated on Monday.

In 2016, after being appointed the drama’s showrunner, Kern became the subject of two  investigations. First, in December, multiple NCIS: New Orleans sources said that they went to CBS HR to report Kern for harassment and unfairly penalizing women after Kern had allegedly bullied a nursing mother and made racially insensitive statements. 

Not long after CBS TV Studios signed Kern to a new two-year deal in the spring, Kern was then demoted from showrunner to consulting producer, and in June he was suspended. In that same month, news had broke that a third investigation was taking place by an outside counsel which looked into the harassment allegations and unprofessional behavior by Kern. 

The outside counsel also hired Kate Gold, who went further into investigating claims of harassment and abuse that may have occurred in some of the shows that Kern had worked on in the past, including Beauty and the Beast, Human Target and the original Charmed.


In September, CBS also faced the departure of CEO Leslie Moonves, a month after The New Yorker published a second major story which continued to allege the executive of harassment and abuse. Just days after Moonves departure, Jeff Fager, executive in charge of 60 Minutes, also left the network after being accused of harassment in detail in a story published by the New Yorker in August. 

Many former NCIS: New Orleans employees believe Kern would still be working at CBS if Moonves was still in charge. 

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