Electrical engineer Christina Koch and biologist Jessica Meir have made history as part of America’s first all-female space walk. The NASA pair started their walk on October 18 at 7:38 a.m. ET and went on to complete their mission, which was to replace a broken battery charger.

Koch is a veteran, who has been on three other walks before this one, this is Meir’s first ever space walk. She shared photos on Twitter showing how excited she was getting ready for her walk with Koch.


Gearing up for Friday’s spacewalk to help the ground teams repair one of the battery channels with @Astro_Christina.

. . . first spacesuit selfie, check!✔️

Photos will be much more spectacular once we pass through the hatch. Be sure to watch live: https://t.co/8ggAQFbzAh pic.twitter.com/oXUDnDvLLY

— Jessica Meir (@Astro_Jessica) October 16, 2019

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov was the first person ever to walk in space in March 1965, and then two decades later in 1983 Sally Ride went aboard Space Shuttle Challenger and became America’s first woman in space.


Veteran astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson shared her thoughts on today’s historic event: “As much as it’s worth celebrating the first spacewalk with an all-female team, I think many of us are looking forward to it just being normal.”

Koch is currently in the middle of planning an 11-month stay on the station so there should be more EVA (extravehicular activity) stories coming soon from the aerospace engineer.