Rumors that rappers G-Eazy and Megan Thee Stallion were dating dating blew up last week after the two were seen in Miami at the Maxim Big Game Experience Bash. On Saturday, the two rap artist were seen all over each other. The 30-year-old MC posted a video of him kissing 24-year-old Megan in a club and in a bed together, which went viral. G-Eazy also posted a picture on his Instagram of Megan in her outfit for the Super Bowl with four blue hearts in the caption. Later Megan commented on G-Eazy’s post about her. Megan also posted a video of her and G-Eazy drinking together.


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But on Tuesday, Megan killed relationship rumors with a Twitter post that said, “Lol alright, y’all got all y’all jokes out, but I am not f—ing G-Eazy.” The video was nothing more than a troll. When asked why G-Eazy kissed her, the rapper replied sarcastically by referring the Rihanna’s beauty line. She said that “He must ‘like Fenty’.”