Jeff Bezos has solidified his status as the second richest man in the world by funding a $500 million superyacht that officially departed from the Oceaco shed, located in the Netherlands, on October 20. The yacht, known as Project Y721, stretches 127 meters, which is nearly equivalent in length to a football field and a half. The design of the yacht was modeled after the Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco’s previous project, known as the Black Pearl, which is one of the largest and most ecologically conscious sailing yachts ever produced. 

Some of Y721’s notable features include three massive decks, three mats, a black hull and a classic shape. Oceanco has not yet confirmed the boat was constructed for Bezos, but this is likely due to the project being shrouded in secrecy, with future ship movement predicted to take place after nightfall. Delivery of the yacht is scheduled to occur in 2022 after the schooner passes necessary sea trials. 

It is customary for multibillionaires to include a helipad in their ship design, and because Y721 is not large enough as is, Bezos is building a second “support yacht” that will include room for the pad. Lauren Sanchez, Bezos’ girlfriend, is a licensed helicopter pilot who is said to be the primary reason for the prioritized inclusion of a helipad. The additional yacht, known as YS 7512, will also include space for corporate meetings and storage for Bezo’s aquatic playthings like waterslides, surfboards and jetskis. 

Both Bezos and Sachez are noted fans of yacht travel, joining their high-profile friends such as fashion designer Dianne Von Furstenburg and entertainment mogul David Geffen on their respective vessels in the summer of 2019. As Bezos steps down from his role as CEO of Amazon, he will certainly devote plenty of leisurely hours towards everything Y721 has to offer, whether that be meetings for charity work or helicopter flights to private islands with his girlfriend in tow.

Bezos recently went into space with his brother as one of the first passengers of his Blue  Origin space firm.

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