Harvey Weinstein has shared a controversial photo of himself looking sick in a hospital. This has led to a social media debate over whether he is genuinely ill, or if the photo is a plot to gain sympathy.

Weinstein would benefit from any sympathy. The movie mogul is facing a criminal trial in January, over sexual misconduct towards several women. The women who have accused Weinstein have recently reached a $25 million settlement. This would be part of the $47 million that will settle Weinstein and his old production company’s obligations to the case.

The arguments that Weinstein is in fact unwell include that he arrived in court on Wednesday while using a walker. He was also seen on Friday the week before, propped by aides, looking pale and unsteady. Additionally, he is reported to have several health issues, such as diabetes. The strongest argument for Weinstein being truly unwell could be the fact that he had a three-hour back operation on Thursday, as a result of a car accident he was involved in over the summer.


However, there is also considerable proof against him being as sick. For example, he was filmed walking around a Target in Mount Kisco, New York, with no frame. This video was taken after he was pictured using the walker.

Weinstein’s lawyer, Donna Rotunno, has revealed that he was adamant about leaving his walker in the car for Wednesday’s court hearing. This is because he did not want to seem to be plotting for sympathy. However, the fact that he posted this photo goes against this logic.

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