Harvey Weinstein, 67, garnered much media attention and backlash when accusations started to circulate about his sexual misconduct in Hollywood. Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Cara Delevingne have spoken out about the sexual predation they experienced with the former film producer. Weinstein is currently awaiting his rape trial scheduled for January 2020 in Manhattan, New York. In the meantime, he has been out and about in the city, including being spotted at a recent event dedicated to young performers.

On October 23, Weinstein was confronted by two attendees protesting his presence at the Lower East Side event. There was a video of the incident posted on social media, in which one woman can be heard expressing her anger towards everyone’s complacency with Weinstein’s presence. “I’ll get out of here, that’s fine. I’m happy to leave when nobody’s going to say anything. I’m going to stand four feet from a rapist and nobody is going to say anything,” she said.

The woman was kicked out, but that did not stop subsequent standup act, comedian Kelly Bachman from speaking up as well. The comedian cleverly confronted Weinstein and his sex crimes through jokes in her standup act.


Along with thousands of other women around the world, Bachman is also a survivor of rape and made it appoint to address that. In her act she joked, “I have been raped, surprisingly by no one in this room…,” she said.


In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Bachman said she has had nightmares about that very encounter. She ultimately said that the event had been a “nightmare come to life.”

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