On Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 13, Episode 11 last night, the show opens with Meredith and Maggie trying to find Alex by looking up his case and seeing that he did, in fact, take the plea deal.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13, Episode 11 Recap

At Grey Sloan, the doctors are urging Weber to fight against Eliza for his job back. He has the idea to get her to want to leave willingly by forcing her to fail but still be nice while it’s happening. Avery brings up the point that getting Eliza out will undermine Bailey, someone they all love and respect. Weber assures them that this has nothing to do with her.

Owen asks Meredith if she’s heard anything from Amelia since he hasn’t since her note. She tells him she’s too busy looking for Alex but to keep him posted.

Arizona has a pregnant patient, Mindy, who was in a car accident on the way to the hospital. The cab driver was on a video call with Arizona as it happened. The person they got in an accident with is the woman’s husband. Arizona instructed the woman to put her legs up and now feels responsible for her injuries after the airbags deployed.

Owen learns that Amelia emailed Stephanie letting her know she’d be out for a few days.

The doctors are putting up a united front icing Eliza out of all surgeries.

Mindy needs an emergency c-section because of her internal injuries but the baby should be ok. She asks Arizona if the father can be in the room when the baby is delivered since she’ll be under anesthesia and even though it isn’t allowed Arizona makes an exception since she feels guilty.

Ben notices that Jo is extremely on edge and assumes (correctly) that it’s because of Karev and his unknown whereabouts.

Meredith is still trying to find Karev but having no luck.

Arizona decides not to pretend everything is good with Eliza and tells her straight up that she’s not welcome in the operating room. Weber overhears the conversation and seems to second-guess his decision to ice Eliza out.

Disobeying Arizona’s orders, Mindy’s husband confesses that he caused the accident right before she goes into surgery.

Stephanie lied to Owen, Amelia is staying at her apartment. Stephanie wants to tell Owen something to ease his mind but Amelia refuses.

Mindy and the baby aren’t doing well and both need additional surgery.

Weber ends up being the only surgeon who welcomes Eliza into the OR but Eliza knows that he’s only using the situation to assert dominance and she calls him out. Owen and Stephanie have to break the news to Mindy’s husband that she is in a coma and their new baby is in jail. Stephanie sees Owen’s reaction when the husband wonders if he’ll ever see his wife awake again and she admits to Owen that Amelia is safe and sober.

Arizona admits to Mindy’s husband that she instructed Mindy to put her feet up. He refuses to let her take blame since she was only doing what was best.

Bailey calls an emergency meeting after hearing about the problems Eliza has been having. None of the doctors attend and Weber (uninvited) goes to speak for them. Bailey tells him she isn’t the only one who wants Eliza to be there to shape things up.

After a long day of searching, Meredith finds Alex in the one place she didn’t look…her bed.

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