On Thursday, Sony Pictures released the first photo of Tom Hanks in character as Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’s iconic, Mr.Rogers.

In the photo, Hanks was posing fresh out of hair and makeup and was rocking Rogers’ signature red cardigan and blue sneakers.

The movie starring the Oscar winner, previously under the working title You Are My Friend, will focus on the interaction and developing friendship between the beloved Fred Rogers and reporter Tom Junod (Matthew Rhys).

Junod had begrudgingly accepted an assignment to write a profile on Rogers, but during his visit with Rogers, Junod realizes that the red trolley icons sincerity isn’t just an act for the kids. From that point on, Junod completely changes his worldview, and he and Rogers would continue to be friends for a lifetime. 

The heart-warming film is being directed by Marielle Heller. During an interview, Heller told Entertainment Weekly, “[This] movie is…. not a biopic. I disliked that when it got announced it was characterized as such. It’s really not. It’s a movie that’s largely focused on a reporter and [Mr. Rogers’] relationship to his life, and how [the reporter’s] whole world changes when coming in contact with Fred Rogers.” 


This year at the Sundance Film Festival, Rogers was also the subject of the documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

You Are My Friend is expected to hit theaters next year in October. 

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