Dwayne Johnson revealed that he spent Christmas playing with Barbies and taking out the trash, all while getting to spend quality time with his daughters, Jasmine and Tiana. The actor took to Instagram to share how he sent his holiday, complete with his “Dwanta” Christmas hat.

After opening one gift, his daughter Tiana, who he nicknamed “Tia,” decided she’d rather spend Christmas Day watching the Lion King for what her father stated was the “987th time,” planning to open the rest of her gifts later.

However, the day after Christmas, a picture was shared of the two playing with Barbies, in a room filled with presents. Johnson ended the post by hoping that all of his followers had a good holiday.

Johnson ended his Christmas weekend by taking out the trash, posing for a picture with a trash bag and a room full of opened wrapping paper and gift bags left for him to pick up.

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