Two weeks ago, singers Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the football world by storm during the half time show for Super Bowl LIV.  Many fans enjoyed their performance with a combination of singing, dance and even Spanglish lyrics. However, not everyone felt this way. Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider showed his distaste for the performance on social media.

Snider voiced his opinion on Twitter saying that Lopez and Shakira were “too sexy” for the NFL’s family friendly audience. The rocker insisted that the rock ‘n’ roll culture would have been a better choice.


Snider tweeted, “Beginning to pole humping, a– slapping, a–shaking end. If that’s the requirement for a half-time show, none of the rock bands I know can or will do that.”

The rocker continued the next day bashing the performance while responding to Twitter comment “Yes…but I refuse to shake my a– or let someone slap it on stage”

Snider has been vocal about his opinion of the Super Bowl choice since last fall.

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