While no release date has been shared for season four of Netflix‘s hit show Black Mirror, some sources have been able to view all six episodes before their release.


The first, “Metalhead,” appears in all black and white, and is a tale of survival. Directed by David Slade, this episode is a powerful and artistic depiction of the man versus machine trope. It stars Maxine Peake and Jake Davies, and its simplistic design doesn’t need any extra fluff to scare viewers.

“USS Callister” is a nearly two-hour play on Star Trek, featuring a bridge crew of familiar faces all in blues, reds, and yellows. Jesse PlemonsCristin Milioti, and Jimmi Simpson star in the piece directed by Toby Haynes. This is the only episode in season four that Charlie Booker chose to co-write, and “Shut Up and Dance” writer Will Bridges took on the job.

Episode three, “Crocodile,” centers around a new invasive technology that gives the ability to capture someone’s raw memory-based impression of a given situation. Andrea Riseborough and Kiran Sonia Sawar star in this western-vibe episode, directed by John Hillcoat. Unlike other episodes in the series, the plot shows someone trying to get away from their past.

In “Hang the DJ,” Black Mirror turns to romance. Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole are looking for love and use an advanced dating service to set them up. The episode deals with why people trust algorithms so much for on the subject of love.

“The Black Museum” is the closest to a Christmas episode that a Black Mirror episode could be. It features a series of three short-form stories around a central motif – that of American attractions dedicated to various technological pieces. Douglas Hodge and Letitia Wright star. Two of the three stories involve medical procedures that don’t quite go as planned, while the third is a strange take on non-corporal punishment.

Lastly, “Arkangel” is the most anticipated of the season. Jodie Foster and Rosemarie DeWitt team up as director and lead actress, and bring to life the story of revolutionary surveillance devices and their effects on children. Apparently parents will be hit harder by this episode than childless viewers.

Netflix has not unveiled the release date for the season, but it should come sometime before the end of 2017.

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