Bethenny Frankel knows how to dominate a conversation — that was in evidence at a New York Advertising Week panel on growing your personal brand on Tuesday morning. The reality star voiced skepticism about whether Matthew McConaughey, the spokesman for Lincoln, really drives one of the company’s cars. “Matthew McConaughey’s driving a Lincoln with the top off?” she laughed. “Matthew McConaughey is not driving that car in L.A.”

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On a more serious note, Frankel suggested that her full-on personality was a benefit to her in building her personal brand. “I definitely have a disruptive personality,” Frankel said. “People believe me and that’s very valuable on TV and in business. I can get drunk at work and tell everyone to screw themselves on television – just like our president is doing it!”

The reality star and founder of the Skinny Girl drinks line believes that working for herself actually provides career stability. “I think working for a bigger company is riskier,” she observed. “If I screw up, I won’t get in trouble. I think it’s riskier to be at AT&T or Black Rock.”

The number of social platforms popular today was a source of frustration for Frankel. “I’m supposed to be on Tinder, Grindr and Pinterest!  I’m pretty good at managing time and the bubble is going to burst,” she joked, “that’s why I have an alcohol business!”

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