Pamplona’s annual tradition of the running of the bulls is taking place on Friday in Spain during the Fiesta de San Fermin.


This age old tradition was a favorite of writer Ernest Hemmingway. The event, however, has claimed dozens of lives over the years, and three people have already been gored this year.

Two American tourists and one Spanish local were injured by a bull during the run, though all are alive. A 46-year-old Spanish man was tossed to the floor by the raging animal, and left with serious injuries. The Americans suffered only minor injuries, according to officials. A 35-year-old was hurt in the abdomen, while a 29-year-old was gored in the scrotum.

During the traditonal event, participants will run down an 850-meter course being chased by a few bulls. The goal is to make it to the end and into the stadium before the animal. Once inside, the bull will be killed. Since 1985, the fierce bulls chosen have been responsible for 53 injuries.

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