Lady Gaga has earned $5 million dollars or more with each of her singles “Poker Face” and “Just Dance,” despite recent concert exhaustion and battling a lawsuit from her former producer and alleged ex-lover. As with most celebrities, $5 million is more than any of us can ever hope to make in a lifetime, let alone in two years off two songs. What should Gaga do with all that money?

Well, she’s got a few options. Unlike most Hollywood starlets, she has yet to buy herself a ridiculously expensive house to be featured on MTV’s Cribs. Considering her outrageous style of dress, any Gaga home is sure to be considered an innovative, museum-like structure that legions of fans will flock to see.

Perhaps she will have a car where her chimney should be with the smoke from her fire coming out of the exhaust. Or perhaps her house could be carved entirely out of the side of a mountain like Mount Rushmore. Or she could build herself a house shaped like her face with the main entrance being her mouth and her sunglasses camouflaging two windows. Even a gingerbread house as in the fairy tale Hansel & Gretel doesn’t seem too farfetched for this queen of pop.

Rather than keeping a car collection, like some are wont to do, Gaga seems the type who could keep an airplane hanger full of different jets, one for each country she would like to visit. And each one would be painted in a different, vibrant style or sporting some decal that screams p-p-p-pokerface.

Although I’m sure it’s soon in coming, Gaga has not yet had a wax replica of herself made and placed in New York’s Madame Tussauds – something I’m sure she could change. Or, better yet, she can have many wax figures of herself doing a variety of things and wearing a variety of houses and make her own wax museum inside her own home. Or open her own museum devoted to her wax figurines and dressing them.

Finally, Gaga always has the option of donating all of that money – which, for her, is nothing far-fetched, considering her work with the Haiti relief funds and her campaign to fight against AIDS and HIV. Whatever her decision, there’s no doubt that the ongoing celebration of all things Gaga will continue for many years to come.