The Bachelor somehow succeeds in becoming more ridiculous each year – to the point now that it is undoubtedly, the worst show ever created! In the beginning, I thought of it as being solely degrading to women, and a direct reflection of how society objectifies them as well. But as the seasons continue, it’s the choices made by these women for predetermined tears and mindless persistency to fight off twenty other women for the attention of one very stupid "macho man" that irk me the most. However, the gaudy dresses and shiny heels that stab fashion in the back never cease to give me a good laugh. And while I keep giving it a shot, week afer week, with the hopes that there might be a few normal birds in the flock, I am repeatedly reminded that their feathers speak louder than their brains.

So who’s flying with Jake, The Bachelor, this season? Well there are 4 girls left now. Of course it was devastating for Jake to kick off the last one because he has fallen in love with all of them. It’s mind-boggling to me how that even works. While each woman claims that Jake is her boyfriend, he’s off making out with another woman at that very same moment. They repeatedly and deliberately subject themselves to so much humiliation that I just don’t understand how it’s possible. And right as I’m trying to justify how at least one or two of the girls have to be somewhat normal, they never cease to prove me wrong. To fight so desperately for the attention of one boring stranger is insane. And "boring" doesn’t even do Jake justice. I don’t think he has a funny, philosophical, creative, intelligent, passionate bone in his body, though all these women pledging their undying love for him cannot be good for his ego.

Many of us understand the passion and craziness that can thrive with love and can bring us to do wild and crazy, and sometimes even pathetic things. But what this show does in the name of love is simply awful. And what does it say about our definition of love as a society – that it can be thrown around and handed out like coupons at Target? Aphrodite must not be pleased – and I certainly am not either!

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