One of the top movies for the month of May was Shrek Forever After. Karate Kid kicked A-Team’s ass this past weekend. This month, the world is prepping for the long awaited premiere of Toy Story 3. Meanwhile, in the music world, Katy Perry’s new music video depicts her in "Candyfornia," covered in cupcakes and whipped cream and battling an evil army of gummy bears.

Yet look at the other end of the spectrum: Christina Aguilera is working the raunchy dominatrix, sex vixen look for "Not Myself Tonight" and the song flopped. Miley Cyrus has to defend new image for "not trying to be slutty." Sex and the City 2 turned out to be a disaster of a sequel.

In a society where sex sells, should we really encourage 17-year-old girls to dance around flashing their cleavages and butt cheeks, and dressing in S&M for the every day mother? What point are they trying to prove?

First of all, Xtina, you don’t have to put yourself that much out there to compete in the music business today. It’s going a bit too far when your vocal ability is clearly way above the likes of other pop stars out there. Second, what’s Max Liron going to think when he’s old enough to wonder why mommy has a gag ball in her mouth? "She’s just trying to sell some records?" You can’t force understanding sexual expressiveness like that.

Not to say Katy Perry didn’t look sexy in her video, but look who’s having more fun. While she floats on a cotton candy cloud, you ladies are out there fighting the backlashes for not acting quite your age. Miley, Christina, it’s great that you’re comfortable in your bodies but they don’t always have to be used as a symbol of maturity.

We often link good memories to anything that involves childlike happiness. I crave laughter, smiles, and yes, occasionally some sugar. Let’s not grow out of that so soon. Let’s think about last year. At the end of the day, are we more likely to sit around talking about how awesome the movie Up was as opposed to how scandalously hot Megan Fox looked in Transformers 2? I honestly fell asleep in the latter film.

I expect more from our youth-obsessed culture. Forget sexiness and embrace immaturity! I know I’m pushing the kids out of my way when I go see Toy Story.

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  • algree03

    Ah so true! Christina and Miley just need to remember who they are instead of trying to be someone they are not!

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