The Web is a funny world that does some weird stuff to celebrities – from unicorn horns to weight gain, animal look a-likes to Disney characters – the stars are getting some strange treatment. Some of these things are funny, some are twisted, all further prove the Law of the Interwebs: if you can think of it, it already exists on the internet. – JOE GALBO

1. Celebrities With Unicorn Horns: 

MRNspacedotcom to me just looks like another nameless blog on the net. I’m sure its creator updates it regularly and gets some enjoyment about discussing what little pieces of life he finds interesting. For me the few photos of celebrities he has sportin unicorn horns sells it. I don’t think I’ve ever found Jessica Alba to have looked so hot. We might be making some of these ourselves soon enough.

2. What If Celebrities Were Fat?

Variations of this sort of stuff have been on the Web for years, but what we got here at The Schlicken Empire is some pretty artistic (disgusting, appalling, surprising, odd) morphs of what a few celebs would look like if they quit the gym, fired the personal trainer, and endorsed KFC as their sole source of nourishment. Weird? Yes. But that Shakira picture looks awfully natural.

3. What if Celebrities Were Disney Legends?

This is going a little more old school, but way back in the day (2007) Disney ran this campaign where they got a bunch of A and B-listers and dressed them up as characters from the company’s most famous tales. It was some funny (Roger Federer as King Arthur) mash ups from Superpunch. My personal favorite is Rachel Weisz as Snow White.

4. What if Celebrities Were the Animals They Look Like?

Just in case all those other links weren’t strange enough I’ve saved the best for last from HolyTaco. The brain-trusts over at Holy Taco have worked some photoshop magic and come up with some great pictures of celebrities as the animals they look like. Don’t know what I mean? Click that link. I dare you. Check out Victoria Beckham as Falcor from The Never Ending Story, it will blow your mind.

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